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About Us


Nanjing Store is an independent distribution company in the Philippines of imported and locally made Nutraceutical and Beauty products.

We take pride in being an exclusive leading overall wellness distributor in the Philippines. Our main goal is to bring you a variety of finest quality of health supplements and skin care products made from the purest, highest-quality ingredients available. We dedicated ourselves to run a thorough research on all these products, to provide you with nothing but the finest most potent health supplements in the market. In fact, we are personally using our products and we can speak for ourselves.

Customers seek nothing less than the best quality delivered with absolute discretion, and we will assure you that the products that you’re buying from us are highly effective and you will definitely be one, of our satisfied clients worldwide!



This logo was derived from a 3D capsule with the Chinese word “Nanjing” in blue and green combination.


To define, distribute, and sell quality aesthetic-cosmetic products that meet the highest quality standards.


To be a company recognized by the quality of our products.


We work hard to deliver excellence in everything we do – in our customer service, how we work together, and the products and information we provide.

Loved by over 1,000 people nationwide and we aim to a whole lot more

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